Become a BioGrower

Does regenerating your soil and growing nutritious food you can sell at a premium interest you?
Bio-Integrity Growers Australia has a number of growers who by means of their production methods are able to supply grain and livestock to niche markets. We are currently looking for farmers who would like to take the next step in their business by getting involved and applying our developed biological farming methods. We offer growers wanting to become involved access to larger networks and educators of this type of production. We also offer ongoing support and assistance in getting the landscape to respond both ecologically and economically.
We are totally aware of the challenges and the need to make a true profit being both ecological and economic combined. Therefore we believe committing to education and constant learning is an essential need for increased comprehension to farm in this holistic way. When growers are involved a greater understanding and comprehension of life becomes apparent, allowing decision making to become easier with confidence knowing that every aspect of their production and decision making allows for life enhancing mechanisms to align.
We have farms right across the wheat belt of Western Australia. And that’s just the beginning…







Revolutionary farming practices
Healthy soils are the building blocks of all life on earth. As farmers we are custodians of earth and therefore have a responsibility to ensure these foundations remain strong, for the future of our human civilisation. So as individuals we can all do our bit to ensure life in the soil is protected and nurtured. Two of the most revolutionary ways of doing this practically have arrived in the last two decades and can be attributed to the likes of Christine Jones in realising the “liquid carbon pathway” and Allan Savory in realising the importance of the four fundamental ecosystem processes and how livestock are essential. Both Christine and Allan have outlined practical ways farmers can produce crops and livestock while enhancing soil health and landscape function in a regenerative way. Bio Integrity growers Australia promotes the application of these methods together in balance and in so doing enabling farmers to access niche markets.
Are you interested in transitioning your farm to biological methods?
You can send us a message through the form here, or contact us directly through or 0419 929 560