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Biological Farming Heals the Soil and Produces Nutrient Dense, Healthy Food
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Bio-Integrity Growers Australia is a company for farmers,
industry, health conscious consumers and the world
If there was a way to regenerate landscapes, rebuild life in the soil and grow nutrient diverse, dense and incredibly healthy food for people around the world, wouldn’t you be interested?
Bio-Integrity Growers Australia are doing just that and are now looking to give this knowledge to those growers and consumers that are interested, for the benefit of this planet and humanity.
Bio-Integrity Growers respect fundamental ecosystem processes and abide by a set of guiding principles which enhance life supporting ecology. In this way we are able to adopt regenerative landscape management to produce clean healthy food for people around the world.

Scott McLean
Director of Bio-Integrity Growers Australia

Our Story

Bio-Integrity Growers Australia is a family owned and directed company, run by people that love the land, the life that it supports and the food that it produces. We aim to bring together biological growers and food processors from around the world to provide health conscious consumers with better, more nutritious food produced through ethical and sustainable farming practices that help the environment.

Become a BioGrower

Through the implementation of biological production methods we are able to supply grain and livestock at a premium to niche markets. We offer growers wanting to transition to biological methods access to a network of biological growers, educators and ongoing support and assistance in getting the landscape to respond economically while enhancing soil health and regenerating landscape function.

Buy Our Produce

We work on producer direct supply relationships to ensure an ongoing ethical commitment to producing premium nutritionally enriched food, that includes opportunities for supply chain investment to secure supply on a longer term basis. Our farms are carbon positive farms, and our grains have been tested to have undetectable levels of chemical residues and a high level of nutritional diversity.
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